About Tania

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NJ based Puerto Rican artist Tania Pomales speacializes in dark and surreal works created primarily in oils. As a nod to her colorful and bold heritage, Pomales incorporates bright color palettes into her art in juxtaposition with darker motifs, such as skulls and human anatomical references, to explore themes of life and death and the cyclical nature of the human experience. The importance of mental health and deep self reflection are also fundamental themes in her work. 

The world can often feel like a very dark, confusing, and overwhelming place. Too often we go through the motions of the everyday hustle and bustle without taking the time to still our minds and look through the haze in order to see that there is beauty, truth, and profound healing if only we take a leap of faith. My work is about taking that leap every day, learning to see the beauty in chaos, and teaching others to do the same.